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"Excellent Company.  John Lithgow sure has a marvelous way of transforming himself into characters of every shape and size.  A cast of one becomes a multitudinous ensemble."
~Los Angeles Times 
"Is there another actor breathing who's as sweetly charming as John Lithgow? Bravura storytelling."
"Simply put, the triumph of successful acting."
~The New York Times
"Wit, warmth and acting prowess.  A fulfilling evening of theater."
~The Hollywood Reporter
John Lithgow - Stories By Heart

Presenting the extraordinary John Lithgow in his one-man theatrical memoir, STORIES BY HEART.  Following his triumphant appearances at New York's Lincoln Center and London's National Theatre, the Tony® and Emmy® Award winning actor offers a touching and humorous reflection on storytelling as the tie that binds humanity.

Invoking memories of his grandmother and frather before him, Mr. Lithgow traces his roots as an actor and storyteller, interspersing his own story with two great stores that were read to him and his siblings when they were children.  These are "Uncle Fred Flits By" by P. G. Wode house and "Haircut" by Ring Lardner.

In the first, a fretful young Englishman is taken on a wild afternoon's escapade in suburban London by his irrepressible uncle.  In a hilarious tour de force, Lithgow performs with zany abandon, portraying ten distinct, outrageous characters (including a parrot).  By contrast, "Haircut" is a darkly comic look at Midwestern American implacability.  It is a captivating yarn told by a gossipy barber in small-town Michigan as he gives a shave and a haircut to a stranger in town.  

STORIES BY HEART provides ample evidence of the power of storytelling, the magic of theatre, and the talents of one of our greatest actors.

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Photo: Joan Marcus

Photo: Joan Marcus